Brad sponsors a number of measures to crack down on gun violence and passed legislation in 2015 that required domestic violence incident reports filed in languages other than English to be promptly translated by police departments.

SUPPORTS passage of the Child Victims Act, which would reform New York's abysmal statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse crimes and provide past survivors of child sexual abuse with an opportunity to revive time-barred civil suits against their abusers.

SUPPORTS legislation strengthening our state's gun laws, including creating gun violence restraining orders to keep guns out of the hands of individuals posing a significant risk of harm to themselves or another, implementing a fee on firearms purchases that will be dedicated to funding gun violence research, and requiring the safe storage of firearms.

SUPPORTS legislation to protect LGBT victims of crime, including adding gang assault to the state hate crimes law, prohibiting defendants from arguing so-called "gay panic" or "trans panic" defenses, and the Michael Sandy Act to make inadmissible evidence that a defendant belongs to the same protected class as the victim in a hate crime case.